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VA Suicide Hotline Call Go to Voicemail

Oh my God…..Are you kidding me. That was an actual headline in the newspaper last week. As some of you may know, I am fortunate to work with our US Military, as soldiers commit suicide at an alarming rate.


But really, a hotline where the calls go to a voicemail. It reminded me of times when I really needed to talk to someone, a friend, a family member, and I couldn’t reach anyone. Having someone to talk to is one of those things that is almost priceless.


But what do you do if you can’t reach anyone, or if YOU get a voicemail?


Well one idea is to always have the attitude of gratitude in your pocket. Whether you write in a gratitude journal, or even write down just a few things that you are grateful for, it can really help, because it becomes a pattern interrupter.


Anything that can help you switch your focus is a help. It’s like having a pity party and finding ways to snap out of it.


So the next time you can’t reach someone, or get a voicemail, remember that gratitude is always there to get you back in the direction of focusing on all of the good things that you have in your life.

Now the gratitude tip of the day….. Take a moment to make a list of the 4-5 people that you can call when you are in need. Put it in your wallet, and remember if you can’t reach anyone, you can always focus on what your grateful for, and that might help.


I’m That Gratitude Guy, remember….Be Grateful & Never Quit!





Have a Great Idea? Now What?

Meridian-Kent Kiwanis Club

Hi David…
Thank you so much for coming to our meeting yesterday!
Feedback has been phenomenal!

Consistency: How do you stick with your Daily Journal?

If I’ve learned one thing with my Daily Gratitude Journal, it is that Consistency is my friend. If I let myself slack off for a single day, it can easily become a week. And I start to feel rotten again. So the question is: What do you do to improve your chances of consistency? Do you have a single place? or time? Before you shower? after breakfast? Do you have a favorite chair, or a pen? How do we keep those preferences and habits from becoming another excuse NOT to write: “Oh, I can’t write in my Journal because I can’t find my lucky pen!”

Let’s get some different perspectives on these thoughts.    -Dave

Gratitude Results from the “New Day Northwest” participants

We had a great time on Margaret Larsen’s local magazine show. (see it here) I was on during the last segment, so unfortunately we ran out of time before our volunteers from the audience, Nancy and Sue, were able to share their Gratitude list and Number.  A few people have asked “What the heck happened?” We all love to hear the end of the story, so here you go:

Sue started with an “8”  (I guess being on a TV show was as much  fun for her as it was for me).  The things she wrote down that she was Grateful for were:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Fun
  • Her 2-year-old grandson running towards her with his arms out really wide saying “GaGaa!”

After just 2 minutes of reflection on the best things in her life, Sue had to admit her day was now a “10”.

Nancy also started with an “8” (nice group!) Her Gratitude includes:

  • Health
  • Husband
  • Positive attitude
  • The “Wine Hour” which is a chance to see all the neighbors and discuss the day and everything that happened.

Nancy smiled as big as that 2-year-old and said her day really was a “10”. One of the best days of her life.

If we can see that kind of result from just 2 minutes, why would we NOT do it?

In Gratitude,

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“David’s workshop helped change the culture of my staff. We became more thankful and respectful of what we each contribute to make big things happen. Gratitude has worked its way into our communication with one another.”


Beth Wojick, President & CEO
Special Olympics Washington

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