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I get approached weekly with a question about the coaching that I do. So here are a couple of examples of what I do.


People hire me to help them when they have become stuck with significant life issues, and they feel they need a coach to get them moving again. It’s kind of like a personal trainer for your brain.


By listening very carefully to assess the issues, and then by asking powerful questions, I am able to help people to shorten the learning curve. Holding people accountable from one session to the next is also essential to maintain positive momentum.


By having regularly scheduled sessions throughout the month, my coaching clients are able to count on consistency to keep moving at a faster pace than they would on their own.


People also hire me to help them write books, become speakers, become coaches, and other modalities designed to help people. Most of my clients are very like-minded in their desire to help people.


When I start with a coaching client, I do a thorough assessment of their particular needs and desires. We then design a customized program tailored to their particular trajectory.


I have been an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator for over 30 years. Having managed thousands of people in Fortune 100 companies, I have a lifetime of experience in helping to bring out the best in people.


If you have the desire, I can give you the tools to forge a successful journey to your goals, passion and purpose.

Twice a Month

2 – 60 minute sessions/month

Unlimited e-mails for access/support

 The Brooker’s Daily Gratitude Journal

    Once a Month

     1 – 60 minute session/month

2  e-mails per week for access/support

    Gratitude Mastermind Coaching Group

      2 – 60 min group sessions/4- months      


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Coaching services are designed to be intellectually and conversationally stimulating, and for enlightenment purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice and care of your physician or mental health specialist, nor is it intended to be used for mental or medical diagnosis & treatment.  David Brooke makes no guarantees and his services are merely designed to help you make a shift in the right direction.  Agreement to these conditions is required as acceptance of fees for services.

2 Min Weekly Gratitude Video


“David’s workshop helped change the culture of my staff. We became more thankful and respectful of what we each contribute to make big things happen. Gratitude has worked its way into our communication with one another.”


Beth Wojick, President & CEO
Special Olympics Washington