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You Can Learn How Gratitude Leads To Happiness!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the Gratitude Guy Membership Area:

How do you learn that gratitude can lead to happiness?  By finding real gratitude.

Where do you find real gratitude?  It’s not in what you have.  It’s not in what you do.  It’s not in whom you know.  It’s not because of where you live or what you drive.

The only place to find real gratitude is within yourself.

David George Brooke can help you find real gratitude within yourself.  He can guide you along the path to happiness!

It begins by keeping a Gratitude Journal.

“If you think about it, it’s like a dream,

If you talk about it, it inspires you,

but If you write about it, it empowers you.”

Get the Gratitude Journal and much more.

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  • Over 650 videos and timeless articles
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Be tremendously grateful today, on your way to the real happiness that only gratitude can bring!

Get real happiness by joining us!


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  • One Speaking Engagement for Your Group-Company/year

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2 Min Weekly Gratitude Video


“David’s workshop helped change the culture of my staff. We became more thankful and respectful of what we each contribute to make big things happen. Gratitude has worked its way into our communication with one another.”


Beth Wojick, President & CEO
Special Olympics Washington